What Professions Won’t We Need in Heaven?

photo of people with different jobs

I’m so excited about my brand-new book coming out in the spring called Kids’ Big Questions About Heaven, the Bible and Other Really Important Stuff that I wanted to give you a preview. Have you ever thought about the jobs we won’t need in heaven?  You might not have ever thought about this question, but it’s a fun one to consider. After all, things are going to be perfect in heaven, so apparently there won’t be any need for:

      1. Undertakers—These are the people who take care of people after they die. Since nobody’s ever going to die in heaven—no undertakers.
      2. Doctors—Nobody will ever get sick or hurt up there, so there will be no need for doctors or nurses.
      3. Dentists—You won’t have any cavities, and apparently your teeth will be perfect, so no more trips to the dentist. Or the orthodontist.
      4. Soldiers—We won’t have any wars or invasions in heaven, so there will be no more need for soldiers, sailors, or even the Air Force. Hope we still have planes though.
      5. Police officers—There will be no more crime, so no laws will be broken or even need to be enforced. So, no police officers will be necessary.
      6. Prison guards—No prisons in heaven, so there won’t be any need for guards, wardens, prison cooks, or prison laundry workers.
      7. Pharmacists- Since we won’t have headaches, or colds or the flu we probably won’t need any medications to help us get better. We’ll already be healed!
      8. Optometrists—These are the people who check your vision, prescribe glasses, and help you see better. Since all of our bodies will be perfect in heaven, our vision will be 20/20 too. We’ll be able to see perfectly.
      9. Lifeguards—Lifeguards are those men and women who protect us when we’re swimming in the ocean, at a lake, or in the pool. But since we’ll all be able to swim just great, no need for lifeguards!
      10. Insurance salespeople—People buy insurance to pay money to cover expenses after accidents or when someone dies. But in heaven? No accidents and nobody ever dies. No need for insurance!
      11. Fitness and beauty businesspeople—Once again, we’ll have perfect, healthy bodies, and everyone will reflect Jesus in all they do, so we won’t need to train or have beauty treatments.
      12. Auto-repair workers—I’m not sure if there will be cars in heaven, but if there are, since there won’t be any accidents, no need for repairs!So, what will all these people be doing in heaven if their jobs won’t exist? Good question. Everybody’s going to work in heaven as they serve God, whether they were a waitress, surgeon, painter, or plumber here in this world. In heaven, we may not do the jobs we did here on earth, but since things will be amazing and perfect up there, you can be sure that our work’s going to be perfectly designed for us.

    Can you think of any other jobs that we won’t need in heaven?

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