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Welcome to my website!

Welcome to my website! I’m so glad you’re here! We’ve put together some really fun things for you to do while you’re here. We’ve got jokes, Bible stories, new books coming out and lots of fun activities you can do by yourself or with your parent or grandparents. And you can even enter our Doodle Mania contest where one kid a month gets to help me tell a Bible story online through drawing! Oh, and make sure you sign up for our free newsletter. That way you can hear about all the new things coming out all the time. So get excited, get ready, start exploring and have fun! Thanks again for dropping by!


Do you like making other people laugh? Perfect! We’ve got some hilarious jokes for you to read and share! What do you call a flock of sheep rolling down a hill? A Lamb-slide!  Knock-knock? Who’s there? Ammonia. Ammonia who? Ammonia little kid, what do you expect?

Got a great joke? Send it into our contact page and we might even post it here!

Bible Stories & Lessons

We make the Bible come alive with our short, simple Bible stories for kids. Ever want to know what happened when David fought a giant? Or what the disciples thought when Jesus walked on water out to their boat? Or when a guy fell asleep during a really long sermon? You’ll discover all these and the lessons they teach right here! Stay tuned!

How to Draw

Do you like to draw? Would you like to learn some cool tips and short cuts? We’ve got a whole “How to Draw” page where kids can learn how to draw people, animals and even how to make a greeting card for your friends or family. It’s simple, fun, and easy!

Bible Lessons For Kids

Bible Doodle Tales

Do you have a kid who would like to send a Doodle to be part of this weeks lesson?

About Me

I’ve loved drawing all my life but I started doing it as a profession kind of by accident. I grew up in Southern California and went to San Diego State University. During the summers I worked as a tour guide at Universal Studios, what a great job! And I met some really good friends while I was there. I was an actor in Los Angeles for a while doing plays, some TV and a few commercials. I was even on some soap operas. It was during this time that I met my awesome wife Vicki in Newport Beach.

Freshly baked articles

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